Q: Will updates also be free?
A: Updates are always included in all pricing tiers.

Q: Discounts for students and Non Profit Organizations?
A: We currently do not offer any special discounts for students or based on organization status.

Q: Can I request a feature?
A: We are always looking for feedback from our customers. Please contact us at support@deployboard.io with your suggestion.

Q: Is there any documentation and support?
A: Documentation can be found at docs.deployboard.io. Priority support is included in Paid plans. Support for the Free tier will be provided at best effort.

Q: What is an API key?
A: An API key allows you to communicate with the DeployBoard API. It is required to send data during deployments. You can find your API Key(s) on the Settings page after logging into your account.

Q: When am I billed?
A: Your billing cycle begins on the day that you upgrade your plan from Free to a Paid tier. We will charge your card every month at the end of your billing cycle for your usage that month. For example, if you upgrade your account from Free to Standard on January 15, you will be billed on February 15 for your usage between Jan 15 and Feb 15.